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RI score improves in corruption-perceptions index

From the Jakarta Post Indonesia’s corruption-perceptions index score increased to 2.8 this year from 2.6 last year, according to data from Transparency International Indonesia. The new score moved Indonesia to 111th position among 180 countries polled worldwide, up from 126th place last year. “The score does not indicate [a significant] improvement in the anticorruption drive in Indonesia,” Transparency International Indonesia research and policy manager Frenky Simanjuntak said Tuesday. Indonesia remained among a group of countries facing major challenges in fighting corruption, he said. For detail story, visit here

‘Virtuous’ Indonesia Has Growth Leverage, Morgan Stanley Says

From Indonesia’s “virtuous” efforts to trim its budget deficit have given the government scope to significantly increase spending to stoke economic growth, according to Morgan Stanley. “Indonesia should leverage its public finances to ramp up development spending as the economy suffers from infrastructure bottlenecks,” Deyi Tan , an economist at Morgan Stanley in Singapore, said in a report today. “We calculate that the government has room to raise expenditure by around 3 percent of gross domestic product.” For detail story, visit here

How to let Islam and the West live in harmony

From the Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, president of Indonesia, sees tolerance-building as a central task of the 21st century A clash of civilisations is not inevitable. A confluence of civilisations is entirely possible. For millennia, our archipelago has been home to many currents of civilisation. This is why, in today’s Indonesia, democracy, Islam and modernity can go hand-in-hand—despite the occasional threats of extremism. We are convinced that tolerance-building, an urgent task for 2010, must be at the centre of the world’s 21st-century agenda, just as much as nation-building preoccupied the 20th century. For detail story, visit here

Islam: A shifting locus

From the WHEN Barack Obama made his appeal, back in June, for a new understanding between America and Islam, the venue he chose was Egypt—for some obvious reasons. It is the most populous of the Arab nations adjoining the Middle Eastern conflict zone, with an ancient tradition of Islamic scholarship, and a citizenry that is tempted by fundamentalism but also admires some things about the West. Still, not everybody liked his choice. Some said he would have made a better point—to his compatriots, especially—if he had addressed the Muslim world from Indonesia, the country where (to quote a line from his speech) he first heard the call to prayer “at the break of dawn and the fall of dusk”. By speaking in Jakarta, Mr Obama might have challenged the mental association that (judging by polls) some Westerners still tend to make: Muslim equals Arab equals hostile to the West. For detail story, visit here

Govt to make country world`s biggest palmoil producer

From Agriculture Minister Suswono said here on Saturday the government would continue to strive to make Indonesia the world`s biggest palmoil producer. "Palmoil is one of the commodities the state is relying on for foreign exchange income. So far the commodity has contributed a lot in increasing the state`s foreign exchange reserves," he said. He said the country`s palmoil exports in 2007 reached US$8.87 billion and they rose up 39.5 percent or US$12.38 billion in 2008. For detail story, visit here

Indonesia Economy May Have Grown Faster as Asia Leads Recovery

From Indonesia’s economic growth may have accelerated for the first time in more than a year as lower interest rates and a strife-free election stoked spending. “Market confidence in the current government is high,” said David Sumual , an economist at PT Bank Central Asia in Jakarta. “Political stability is one of the reasons for Indonesia’s steady growth.” Detail coverage,visit here